+ Bowman Richards + Associates

Bowman Richards + Associates was established in 1997 to provide strategic support to food and agribusiness firms.

Since establishing the company, we have worked with a range of food and agribusiness based industries and firms to develop market focused strategies to ensure future growth and profitability.

+ Clients

Bowman Richards + Associates has worked extensively on both private and public sector client projects. Our private sector clients include grain marketing and handling companies, industry organisations, dairy companies, food processing companies, large and small enterprises and new /start up ventures.

+ Global Experience

Bowman Richards + Associates has undertaken considerable work offshore assessing opportunities for companies, benchmarking competitors and representing clients in international forums. Regions covered include South East Asia, North Asia, the Subcontinent, North America and Europe.

+ Sector Experience

Oilseeds and Grains

Bowman Richards + Associates has extensive experience in the oilseeds and grains industry. Rosemary Richards has worked with this sector for twenty years in roles covering policy development, industry development, strategic planning, market development and representative roles in local and international forums. Our experience crosses the entire value chain for the oilseeds and grains industry enabling us to deliver innovative solutions linking consumers to those upstream in the value chain. Our work covers food, feed and industrial market sectors.

Other agribusiness industry sector strengths include dairy, pork, horticulture, timber and viticulture along with farm inputs, retail and consumer trends.

Biotechnology, including regulatory frameworks, protocol development for handling and marketing GM crops, market analysis and advocacy.

Wellness market and functional foods including market trends, product opportunities, strategic value chain relationships.

+ Projects

Strategic planning

Strategic plans for the industry sectors – oilseeds, pulses, pork, cypress pine, dairy, sheep and wool, various coarse grains.

Business plans for range of food and agribusiness companies Industry reviews – oilseeds,
pulse, wheat and citrus industries.

Global benchmarking studies – wheat breeding, wine industry.

Competition policy reviews – dairy, citrus, grains.

Feasibility studies

Feed milling plants

Integrated storage, handling and packing facilities

Specialty grain value adding operations

Biodiesel plants

Ethanol/spirits plant

Flour milling operation

Pulse processing plants

 Consumer/market studies

Wellness market in the US, UK and Australia
Global wheat market study
International market assessment for pulse foods
International market assessment for barley foods

 + Management Approach

Bowman Richards + Associates offers high quality and personalised professional services. As a specialised consultancy, we are able to establish long term relationships and to understand fully our clients´ needs. Our competitive strength lies in our professionalism and integrity, the extensive in-depth knowledge, experience and networks in the food and agribusiness industry and our ability to react positively and flexibly to our clients.

We frequently work with other professionals and firms to form, manage and/or work with broad based multidisciplinary consulting teams and projects.

Bowman Richards + Associates is recognised for delivering to our clients:

+ innovative concepts
+ fresh, creative solutions
+ seamless integration with client’s own management
+ approachable and flexible relationship with clients

With a genuine commitment to our clients, we offer practical and implementable solutions.